Minskys Showbar
St. Davids Centre - Behind Debenhams - Cardiff - 0800 3688302

Please note new showtimes from 6th April of 9pm


As Minsky's Showbar is such a unique venue, there are bound to be questions.
Click on any question below, but if you have any other queries don't hesitate to email us.

What time does the show start?

The show commences at approx. 9:30pm.

Can you get my friend on stage?

We always incorporate an audience participation spot within our shows.  However we cannot guarantee who the act will bring up on stage, this is decided by them on the night.

Can we eat at Minsky's?

Food is available during the daytimes between 12noon and 3pm .

We also offer buffets for pre-booked groups .

Can you display photos of the hen/birthday girl?

Of course, although we do need them 48 hours before your night out.
Please email here  along with any messages.

Please note, we will be unable to show any photo's that are brought in on the night.

Is Minsky's available for private hire?

Yes, Sunday through to Thursday.  More details can be found here.

Can we have a Kissogram/Stripper at Minskys?

No this is not permitted.

Why isn't there show information for 6 months time?

Our shows are booked with the performers 3 months in advance on a rolling month basis.

Is Minsky's a gay venue?

Minsky's is a unique venue with a great mix of people and welcomes everyone.

What kind of music is played at Minsky's?

As we have a great mix of customers we also have a great mix of music to suit all ages.

Is there a door charge?

Our standard door charge is £3 for an entire night of entertainment.  This price has never been increased in over 15 Years.

Do you offer any discounted entry?

We believe that our door charge is fantastic value for a full nights entertainment.

However, please check out our special offers page here as we regularly run offers for group bookings.

Am I able to purchase souvenir photos?

We normally have one of our girls taking photos at Minsky's.  The photos are regularly uploaded to our website and Facebook pages.

We now offer souvenir keyrings with your photo in, these are available on the night at just £3 each.

Can we buy tickets online?

Yes, for standing tickets only, go to the "What’s On" page and select which date you would like to come along to, you will go to a page where you can select how many tickets you require and will be given a price for the tickets which can then be paid for using PayPal.

We are currently unable to offer online purchase of buffets, please call us for details.
We do not offer seating without a buffet.

Do I have to book in advance?

No, you don’t always need tickets for Minsky’s, however without tickets we cannot guarantee entry

Can I specify where I sit?

Unfortunately not, we will allocate standard seating on the night.  Which will depend on which areas have been pre booked by other customers.

What time does the show start and finish?

Our shows start at 9:30 and are made up for four or five spots.  We have a party DJ that plays music in-between each spot.  We normally finish around 12:30am.

What if I have pre booked party and we are unable to attend?

Please call 0800 3688302 immediately, we will always offer to transfer you to another night of your choice.

Do we have to have a buffet to get seating?

No, seating is now available without a buffet.  This must be pre booked and cannot be purchased on the night.

If there is seating still available on the night, can I upgrade?

Unfortunately not, in the event of us having seating available this will be offered on a first come basis free of charge.

What is the dress code at Minsky’s?

Smart casual, trainers are okay, no work clothes etc.

Can we wear fancy dress?

Yes of course, a lot of our customers dress up as part of their night out.

What time does the show finish?

The show normally finishes around 12:30am, however we still have a DJ afterwards.

Where is the closest place to be dropped off?

Charles Street

Do you have a cashpoint?

Unfortunately not.  However, there are two cashpoint very close to us.  One at Marks & Spencer and the other at The Principality.

When is the earliest we can book for Christmas?

We take bookings all year around.

Why does Nathan resemble Jesus?

We think it's the beard!

If you require any further information or have another question
please check out contact page for details of how to email or phone us.